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Beatrix Potter

An Illustrated Biographical Article

Inspired by Bravery Magazine (an autobiographical magazine for children focusing on women in history) and Miss Potter (2006), I decided to write and illustrate an article on the life of Beatrix Potter, the writer and illustrator behind the Peter Rabbit books, and much more.

I planned 15 illustrations in the nine-page biographical article, with graphic design mirroring the design and layout used in Bravery magazines. 

I used the project as an opportunity for media experimentation and have seven illustrations in gouache and colored pencil finished. The project did not reach completion, however, I learned a lot from the process of researching the life of Beatrix Potter, writing the article, and during the illustration process.

This is a project I would like to revisit as I have worked out in my mind many things that I did not understand before. I would take what I learned from the media experiment and apply it to digitally rendering the illustrations in a more limited range of colors as to render the set more quickly and with a greater level of cohesion.

Screencap studies from Miss Potter (2006), digital
Beatrix 3.jpg
Beatrix 4.jpg
A sample of the article I wrote for children 5-12 with illustrations. 
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